Hi i have a problem with that adlockpessimistic
now i already put the adlockpessimistic to the open so actually only one user should be able to open that specific recordset at one time no?
it still lets both users have access to that record at the same time though and i get errors like one person writes something and if another person has it open at the same time then what the first person wrote into the recordset wont be there anymore

Now i came read that adlockpessimistc locks the recordset only for the time it updates the data
i would need something though that looks it when that recordset is created or as long as it exists
thats because i have a textbox where the contents of the recordset field is displayed the user can read it and make changes to it, then save the changes which makes the recordset update
now if 2 or more users open up the same recordset at the same time and make changes in the textbox then one makes a save/ the recordset is updated then the second user also decides to save his changes the recordset is updated again but now the changes the first user made are lost as it was not displayed in the textbox of the second user and thatfore not saved
thats why i think i need something that looks the recordset as soon as it is created / as long as it exists
but i could not find something like that anybody know about such a thing?
Thanks a real lot