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    Unanswered: SELECT query truncating data from memo field at 255 characters

    hi all,

    i'm attempting to run a SELECT query on a memo field, but unfortunately, my data is truncated at 255 characters. does anybody know why this is, and what i can do to fix it?

    here is the line of code. i know it works, as it works perfectly for all other fields. this is from a module within access 2002.

    ("SELECT * FROM [Imports] WHERE [F41] = " & pdqID & "")

    does anybody know anything i can do to clear this up?


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    hmmm.... "Imports"

    where is this data coming from?

    you are probably only getting 255 chars from the source (i seem to remember that many access import-filters drop dead at 255 chars)

    currently using SS 2008R2

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