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    Unanswered: Access 97 - Multiple Table Query Question

    Hello all,

    I have a problem with a query in Access 97, and I'll try to give you
    all of the details to see if you have any idea if it's even possible:

    I have 2 tables: Inventory and Pricing

    The inventory table basically has a part number, and all of the part

    Part Number 	Part Description 	Weight 	Category
    000125465 	Test Part		35	Muffler
    I also have a pricing table that contains the part number, and
    multiple pricing for that part such as:

    Part Number	Price Type	Price
    000125465 	Sale		55.00
    000125465 	Retail		104.00
    000125465 	Web		49.00
    What I'm trying to accomplish with a query is that I'd like all of
    this data to come back in one row

    Part Number - Part Description - Weight - Category - Sale Price (If it
    exists) - Retail Price (if it exists) - Web Price (if it exists)

    The problem that I have is that when I build a query I can only seem
    to get one price and price-type from the pricing table, so when there
    are 3 prices in the pricing table, I get 3 results returned in my

    If you have any ideas, or suggestions on where I might be able to find
    a solution to this, I would really appreciate that.

    Thank you,
    Jeff Homan

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    try this (caution: untested):
    select i.[Part Number]
         , i.[Part Description]
         , i.Weight
         , i.Category
         , s.Price as [Sale Price]
         , r.Price as [Retail Price]
         , w.Price as [Web Price]
      from (
           inventory as i
    left outer
      join pricing as s
        on (       
           i.[Part Number]
         = s.[Part Number]
       and s.[Price Type] = 'Sale'
    left outer
      join pricing as r
        on (       
           i.[Part Number]
         = r.[Part Number]
       and r.[Price Type] = 'Retail'
    left outer
      join pricing as w
        on (       
           i.[Part Number]
         = w.[Part Number]
       and w.[Price Type] = 'Web'
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