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    Unanswered: Help! "System resource exceeded" on Cashflow report

    I receive a "system resource exceeded" error when running a Cashflow Report. I'm trying to determine if this is a capacity issue or if the queries for the main report and subreports are too complex. I'm running Access 2000 and XP. The report executes successfully with about 400 transaction records (slowly but it works). The output is about 25 pages. At 500 transaction records the report executes, but a "system resource error" comes up around page 9 of 49 in report preview. The database is about 2480 kb. I have several other reports that total transaction data quickly (tested to 1000+ transaction records) with output of 90+ pages.

    The Cash Flow report is a bear, but a key report for the nonprofit. The query for the main report uses two imbedded queries, one of which is a union query. The first subreport uses a crosstab query to calculate donor gifts by year. The second subreport uses the same crosstab query in the main report's footer to display the grand totals by year. A third subreport pulls all the comments from tblTransactions. My guess is that there is too much going on and somehow I need to break this up. If anyone is willing to take a look I would appreciate it. The report in question is in the attached database.

    1. rpt3DonPPaymntsCF - Main Report
    2. rpt3DonPPaymntsCFSub - first subreport to calculate donor gifts by year
    3. rpt3DonPPaymntsCFSubFt - second sub (same as CFSub, but displays the subreport's footer in the main report footer for grand totals.
    4. rpt3DonPPaymntsCFNotes - third sub to list all transaction notes by donor.

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