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    Unanswered: Error 15004 Name cannot be null

    I made a publisher for marge replication via ISDN Dialup connected server and registered server x to y and y to x with TCP/IP.

    I can see both data on each other.

    I publish one database and try to configure pull subscription on 2nd one got following error.

    SQL Server enterprise manager could not create a pull asubscription to publication pmst

    Error 15004 Name cannot be null

    Thanks to all of you

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    You've got a relatively unusual configuration for replication. I don't know of anywhere to look for specific details to help you, but I've got some ideas.

    I'd start by synchronizing the clocks on both servers, preferably to a common time source or better yet synch one machine's clock to the other's clock. Open a copy of SQL Profiler on both machines and trace with no filtering (so you can see every command executed against the server). Try to re-subscribe again. The last command in each profile is suspect, the one with the later timestamp is likely to be the source of your problem.

    You are probably looking for an empty string or NULL string parameter. Once you find it, you'll have to post what you find and maybe one of us can help you.


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    Do "SELECT @@SERVERNAME" on both servers.
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