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    Thumbs up Unanswered: Is "Master Spool" available in SQL?

    I want to take the spool of the execution of a file, which contains spool on and off within that. How can i get the master spool of everything?

    Our database is running in Windows. While the spool off command is executed, it is switch off the spool off all the open spools. Is there anyway i can switch off only selected spool files OR taking a log of all the executed commands including spool off also???

    Please let me know urgently, if anyone has any idea.



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    The problem is - you have no clue how spool works. "all the open spools. Is there anyway i can switch off only selected spool files" There is only one active spool file ever.

    spool a.log
    spool b.log
    select ...
    spool off
    spool off

    try a test like above. a.log has the contents of the 1st select only. b.log has contents of 2nd select only. the final spool off has no effect, other than to give a warning message "not spooling currently"
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