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    Unanswered: Partitioning Question

    I'm faced with a project that requires the caching of vacations.
    Each vacation has a departure date & a price.
    The amount of different vacations that will need to be cached is probably near 1 million per day.

    I will then need to select the price(s) of vacations for either a single day or a date range (based on the vacation criteria).

    I was considering creating a new partition (table with a date on it) every day.
    This would allow me to jump into the needed table(s) based on the vacation search criteria. This would also allow me to drop tables with past dates.

    I was considering running this all on 1 sql server. I was hoping I could create multiple threads for a datespan search and hit all the tables in the daterange at the same time.

    Can you guys enlighten the noob on where I really need some help on this?

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    There's quite a lot of info on this in "Books online" (i.e. the Help that comes with SQL Server). If you follow the set of rules, having a table for each day with a 'check constraint' (e.g. on the date) and a top level view doing a UNION of all the tables it should work quite nicely.

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