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    Unanswered: Upload file to server , check folder and files

    hello guys,

    I got a problem doing uploading. Actually it works, but I want to do about checking. The scripts that I'm using is ASP

    What I want to do is upload the file to: IP address\foldername

    Actually I want to upload to IP address\DesignCtr\MQS\
    In folder MQS, got month's folder like Aug, Jan,....etc
    In each month's folder got 2 folders which are Best and DVD

    When I want to upload a file, example the file name is AUG-report.doc
    I got to grab the the file name "AUG" to check whether folder AUG is exist in folder MQS, if not then create a folder named AUG

    if it exists, then I use the value <%=division%> which contains either value Best or DVD to check whether in AUG folder has Best or DVD folder(refering to division value), if not then create Best or DVD folder and store the file. Example if the <%=division%> value is Best, then store it in Best folder.

    If folder Best or DVD already exist, then check AUG-report.doc is exist or not, if it exist then prompt out the message whether to overwrite it, if not then store it.

    This is the upload file(, but upload to C drive, I want to upload to an IP adress followed by folder's name. And the checking part I got no idea how to do. Anyone can please help?
    I will be very appreciate your help. Thank you.


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    without looking at the tool at all what I would say is you want to upload it using the tool and them move it using the Scripting.FileSystemObject

    You would need to make sure that the FileSystemObject had the correct permissions to do everything you need, it definately has the functionality.

    Check here for more information

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