Hi All,

You know when you create a new Linked Table then you move the mouse pointer to the new Linked Table, you are able to see some kind of 'Tool help' to displays the connect string used by Access to connect to the server something like:

ODBC; Description=....

Is there a way to 'manually' edit/modify this string? Because the Linked Table Manager dialog does not allow you to.

The reasoning behind it is that I have a Linked Table that was created by someone else on a machine to connect to a SQL Server db. The SQL database (.mdf) and the Access database (.mdb) are on the same machine. Within this server machine, no ODBC DSN is defined for the SQL Server db but the Linked Table was successfully created and operates okey -- MS Access db is accessed by multiple users on the network. Note: Client machines did not have the ODBC DSN defined either.

Now, the SQL Server db (.mdf) and MS Access db (.mdb) are copied to another server machine (and different directories) -- but still on one server. But the Linked Table does not work anymore. If Linked Table Manager is invoked to update the linked, it asked for ODBC DSN, and other stuffs like SERVER name. I can understand the SERVER name, but not the ODBC DSN because the original machine did not have it either.

I was hoping to be able to copy the connect string of the original Linked Table and manually typed/edit the connect string on the other Access db and just change items related to it like Server name, etc.

Many thanks in advance.