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    Unanswered: FP7--> Menu question


    I have a problem with security for my database.

    I have multiple database files and a menu form that will access all them. I have put password on the files and when access the files individually everything works fine, the login form apears and each user have their privilleges but when I access the files through the MENU, it does not ask for any password and access t directly, this is casusing a security problem as I don't want anybody else apart from admin to be able to make changes.

    can some help me out thanks

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    Hi Yvon,
    If a file is used to open another file - as in the case of your menu file, FileMaker will first try to open the other database with the account and password that was used to open the current file. Only if that account/password combination does not exist in the file being opened will it prompt the user to enter access details.

    So the solution to your problem is to create an account and password for the menu file which does not appear in the access privileges of any of the other files - and define that as the default.

    That way, the menu will open with its own unique password - and users will then be prompted to supply an appropriate password for any other file they try to access.
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