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    Unanswered: imp-00018 oracle

    Hello I have a hard problem

    I have a export file. When I exported, it was ok but now, when I do import
    it doesn´t operate. the import begins , it put ''ignore table'' in three table and after it puts imp-00018 ''aborted import''.

    I only need one table so I tested to import only this table.
    Then the import begins, it inserts 26000 rows and it does rollback. I need this table. it has 400000 rows.
    The export file is very big. Is it a problem?

    can I know if the export file is corrupt?
    What can I test?

    I need to import this table ˇˇˇ
    I don´t have other export and I can´t repeat it because the data has changed.
    any idea? Thanks a lotˇˇˇ

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    how large are your rollback segments ?
    how large is your buffer during import ?
    imp <usr_>/<pwd>@SID file=<filespec> buffer=8000000

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    Along with buffer size Osy suggested, try this as well:

    IMP un/pw FILE=yourfile.dmp TABLES=yourtable IGNORE=Y COMMIT=Y

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    What about segment rollback? the information is :
    SYSTEM 114688 32765
    _SYSSMU1$ 131072 32765
    _SYSSMU2$ 131072 32765
    _SYSSMU3$ 131072 32765
    _SYSSMU4$ 131072 32765
    _SYSSMU5$ 131072 32765
    _SYSSMU6$ 131072 32765
    _SYSSMU7$ 131072 32765
    _SYSSMU8$ 131072 32765
    _SYSSMU9$ 131072 32765
    _SYSSMU10$ 131072 32765

    segment system has a file system , an min_extents=1 and the others have as file undotbs01.dbf and min_extents=2
    I have undo_management parameter as AUTO.

    what can I do?
    can I create other segment very big and i used this in the import?
    can you say anything else?
    Thanks a lot.

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    Check metalink ... I think that version has a bug with exp/imp


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    I have tested with parameter buffer in the import
    If buffer=8000000 the import only imports 20000 rows and it failures after
    If buffer is default the import imports 26719 rows and it failures after.
    any idea?
    thanks again

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