Dear all,

I'm now comparing the performance (speed) between Sybase IQ and ASE on just reading data by a simple SQL.

Test case:

Sybase IQ and ASE are installed in the same server
1 transaction table with around 200,000 rows
5 static table with around 100 for each

1 single sql is used to join all the table to obtain the result and the result is around 300 rows.

Test Result:

The ASE takes around 1 minute to return the result and according to statistic, most of the time is spent on physical read. So when I run the same sql again, the result is returned in no more than 1s, as all the data is already loaded to cache.

However, the IQ can always return the result within 2s, no matter I recycle it to clean up the cache.

Just wonder why the IQ can have such good performance on even physical read after server recycle.

Thanks All,