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    Unanswered: “Export format disabled…” when its not on Crystal 7

    I am running crystal reports 7 on windows server 2003. When a reort is created by the system I am running, you can view it fine in the smart viewer, even the information in the report is correct. However, when you click on the export report icon, crystal informs me that:
    "The report was not exported. The selected export format maybe disabled on the server".

    This happens with whatever format you select. However, when checking out Crystals Web Reports Server Configuration, all of the export formats are checked. When the system is compiled and run from source on a Windows 2000 machine the export format function does work.

    Therefore, could somebody help me diagnose the problem or suggest a work around? I have tried Business Objects and their knowledge base but to no avail.

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    First, check and see if you have all the service packs updated.
    There was an issue with compatibility, secondly when you go into the configuration manager you not only need to have it checked, but you need to start that service. If that service isnt enabled it wont work.

    Give that a try and see if that doesnt resolve your issues.

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