I'm trying to make a JDBC connection to an iSeries DB2 Database. I'm very familiar with using JDBC on other platforms such as Solaris or Linux to connect to Oracle/MySQL/PointBase etc.

However on an AS400 im completely lost, our own AS400 operators look at me as if im talking an alien language when i try to get the information I need from them. We seem to be using a completely different nomeculture. They dont seem to able to understand language/questions that is completely normal with other platforms; such as

"What is the IP-Port Number for DB2 JDBC listener."
"What is the Database Scheme Name."

I have the JTOpen drivers installed locally and in my class path, I've tried connecting to the database using NetBeans JDBC Query tool and my own TestDAO. Internet searches have turned up 5012 and 6789 as possible listeners for DB2 but neither are responding. I've port scanned the iSeries and have a list of open ports, numbering over 100, so I'm reluctant to just try brute-forcing a JDBC connection attempt on every open port.

How do I navigate the file system ? How do I list libaries ? How do I list their libary contents ? I assumed libaries are synomonous with folders under windows & directories under unix, but I've beginning to think this doesnt seem to be the case.

What is the AS400 equivelent of the unix man command or '-?' or /h. Where can I find a list of AS400 & DB2 commands ?

I've found a number of document about using a db2 console, but none to tell me how to actually start it.

How do I determine a list of DB schemes in DB2.

How do I determine on an AS400 what port DB2 is using to listern for JDBC connections ?

Where are the AS400 configuration files or commands that will show this information.

How do I get into the WebSphere console on the iSeries/AS400.

What are the best developer forums/ sites for Java with WebSphere/DB2 on iSeries/AS400.

Martin Spamer