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    Unanswered: Insert into MySQL from PL/SQL. I know, sounds weird.


    I have this particular scenario:
    I am developing a website in PHP/MySQL.
    I need to to http_request some data and insert into respective fields in tables.
    The only way I know for that is using PL/SQL. But I want the final data to be in my MySQL database.

    Any ideas?
    thank you.
    -- PDR

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    Concurrency problem in VC++


    I have this particular scenario:

    My application is a client-server application. When 2 or more users try to access a table in the ACCESS database, i have a concurrency problem, i.e., an exception occurs and the application quits.

    The application is developed using VC++.

    Awaiting an early respone.

    Thanks in advance.

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