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    Question Unanswered: Crystal Reports 9 - Parameters don't show up


    I'm using CR that came with .NET, I think it's v9.
    I have a small report file with some static text and some fields, I added Parameters corresponding to the fields,
    and linked them in the selection expert like this:

    {Scope.Thing1} = {?Thing1}
    {Scope.Thing2} = {?Thing2}

    and so on.

    In my program, I assign the parameters as follows:

    ReportObject.SetParameterValue("Thing1", "just a test");

    in some other forum I saw someone passing "{?Thing1}" as the name string,
    but doing that resulted in an error - invalid argument.
    But assigning some of the parameters and some not, lead to a prompt when I displayed the report, which asked for the remaining ones - so I suppose the syntax I use is correct.

    I then, as usual, assign the ReportObject as the ReportSource of my ReportViewer.

    Problem: only the static text fields get displayed (well, almost. some text at the bottom of the report doesn't), but none of my parameters are shown.

    Has anyone an idea what could be wrong?

    Even if it seems too basical to tell - let me know, because I am absolutely new to Crystal reports.

    thanks in advance,

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    but maybe I understood something wrong from the ground up,
    so, alternatively, I'll just tell you what exactly I want to do, and maybe you can tell me a different way to do it?

    I have a small report file where some static, descriptive text fields are placed,
    and some that need to be given values at runtime, like ie. the duration of the contract, amout of money etc etc, which depend on user input before launching the display of the report.

    So, at runtime, I load the report file, and need to fill these values, in order to display both, the constant text from the *.rpt file and the filled-in values.

    How would you go about to do this from scratch?

    I searched MSDN, the samples that came with net and more, but nowhere I found my situation described.

    thanks for any useful input.

    - unshaven

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    I used a CR 10 *.rpt file,
    had some CR 10 libraries included in the project and some of the version that came with .NET, seems they didn't mix too well.
    Kicked the old version's links out, now everything works just fine.

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