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    Unanswered: how do I pass data from one form to another?

    I have a customers and projects table in my DB

    I have a form for each table

    I want to click on a button in the customers table and bring up the projects form (which works ok) BUT I want it to display only the projects for the given customer

    The customer form is in list format with one customer and that cusomters data per line on the customers form, followed by a Button [Edit Project Info]

    I have a relationship created and a query that should be used to filter the projects table in a way to only display Projects where customerID (in the customers table) = CustomerID (in the projects table) - BUT it still gives me ALL projects for ANY customer that exists in both tables.... I only want the one whose button I pressed on the customer list form....

    Thanks for your time and any help you can send my way


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    I don't understand why you just started a new thread with the same did however add a piece to the puzzle, this is more difficult to accomplish using a button because you wouldn't know any VB. A better solution would be a combobox that contained every customer and one button. A user would select the customer in the combo box then click the button to bring up the form. But in either case the solution is contained the post I made to your first thread. You have to query your first form in order to limit what is shown in the second form....set the query criteria for CustomerID equal to the control that contains it in the first form.

    Jeremy Brooks
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