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    Exclamation Unanswered: inserting empty date


    I am using VB6 and SQL7. I am asking a user to enter a date if applicable - specifically a product manufactured date. I then take that date, using the dateadd function, query a table for a specific code, and calculate an expiration date based on the particular code.

    The problem - if the user does not enter a manufactured date, which is OK, SQL inserts 01/01/1900 - which I do not want. How do I handle?

    I am inserting the date, if there is one, from a flexgrid. I am declaring the variable as variant. The SQL field is DateTime.


    sSQL = "Insert into RecI(manufacdate) values ('" & (flxRec.TextMatrix(ctr,14)) & "')"

    Please Help!

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    It's inserting the value 0 to the datetime column...

    Do you need to make the column nullable?

    Can you post the DDL of your table?

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    It should be done by passing parameters to a stored procedure that does an insert.

    But you can also do this (make sure manufacdate allows NULL):

    sSQL = "Insert into RecI(manufacdate) values (" & iif(flxRec.TextMatrix(ctr,14)="", "NULL", "'" & flxRec.TextMatrix(ctr,14) & "'") & ")"
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