hey, I have 2 tables that are used in an inner join query. In the one, "pcategories", I have one field of 3 letter codes and another field of what the codes represent...such as accessories, drives, etc....

Now my problem, I have a combo box that lists the names of the codes (accessories, etc)...when I select whichever option, it selects the suboptions from another table, based on the 3 letter code...however, it seems everytime (except the first time) I run the form to test it out, the code's name in the first row is deleted or changed...creating a duplicate field or just assigning the 3 letter code to another name...

| code | name |
acc accessories <--this value always is reset to another value or blank
drv drives

| code | subcode | subname |
acc net networking
drv hd harddrives

What could be the problem??? any ideas?