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    Unanswered: Databases and instances

    Hi folks, can anyone help me?
    Can anyone explain me the difference beetween "database" and instance"? Until yesterday I was thinking that they were the same thing, but ...
    I have 3 databases on the same server; I shutdown the first one and startup it again (specifing the pfile path) and everything is OK; if I do the same operation with the second one, starting up the second one the following message appears:

    ORA-01102 cannot mount database in EXCLUSIVE mode

    Oracle manuals say that:

    "Cause: Some other instance has the database mounted exclusive or shared.

    Action: Shut down the other instance or mount in a compatible mode"

    But I cannot distinguish beetween "database" and "instance". Does it depend by a creation parameter of the databases?

    Note: if I restart the server, every database starts fine.

    Thanks for your help.

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    is it possible you did not change the $ORACLE_SID to your next db instance?

    Instance: (basically the SGA) the set of processes and and memory used by the processes. An instance does not need to have a database.

    Database: (the physical files) the redo, control and datafiles that hold the data. Files, just files.

    Tom Kite's "Effective Oracle by Design" describes this perfectly.
    - The_Duck
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