I'm using Visual Basic 6.0 to update a DB2 database.

As I know we can either use .Addnew method of an ADO Recordset object or SQL INSERT statement to Insert a new DB2 record.

I have definied a table in DB2 with a field name "FLDERROR" having the data type "Long VARCHAR"

By using .Addnew method, part of my VB coding is as follows :

adoRecordSet!FLDCUSTID = "1"
adoRecordSet!FLDADDR = "NEW YORK"
adoRecordSet!FLDAGE = "18"
adoRecordSet!FLDGRADE = "01"
adoRecordSet!FLDERROR = "ABC"

when I run the program, the program ends in error at the highlighted statement and prompts the message :

Run-time error '-2147467259(80004005)':
CLI0100E Wrong number of parameters. SQLSTATE = 07001

Do anyone can help what's wrong with that ? I didn't hit any error when updating "Character" / "VARCHAR" field in DB2 by using the same method.