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    Unanswered: Frm-13008


    I try to display a simplegraph in Forms 10g. Therefore I looked at the
    forms10gdemos (bigraph -example). The demos are running !!!

    But if I open the graph90.fmb file in the forms builder and create a bean-area
    MYGRAPH with Implementationclass: oracle.forms.demos.bigraph.FormsGraph
    the layout Editor tells
    FRM-13008: JavaBean 'oracle.forms.demos.bigraph.FormsGraph' not found

    Do I have to change something in the Registry (CLASSPATH) ?

    Please help

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    I would suggest you post this in the Oracle OTN reports forum at

    If you haven't used the forums before, you will be required to create a free login profile the first time.
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