Hi there,

I'm hoping someone might be able to help me fix a combo box problem on my database. It's driving me crazy. If you click on Machine Sales Worksheet on the Switchboard, it will give you the form I'm questioning. The first tab has a combo box to pick the Customer, which works fine. The next is unbound and queries all machine manufacturers. When that is selected, an updated list of models for the chosen manufacturer appears.

The problem is that once the form is finished, closed and reopened, the manufacturer and model information disappears. It's logged, and appears on my Balance Sheet report, but I'm afraid it will confuse people when entering information.

It's probably an easy fix, and I might be going about the process in an inappropriate way.

I would really appreciate any insight you might have in the matter.

Thanks so much!


I uploaded my database to www.photobydesign.net/machineworksheet.zip