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    Unanswered: help with loop to find Dates

    Hey all, I have this query that finds the 'next date' after a user inputs a date (and a another value). It works fine, except it only returns ONE row for the Date. Several dates have many rows, and I guess I need to have this loop somehow so it will return all rows? make sense? Can anyone help me with this?

    SELECT top 1 Hours.Datewrk, Employee.Lastname, Employee.Firstname, Employee.EmployNo, Hours.Hourswrk, Hours.typewrk, Hours.formwrk, Hours.class, Hours.brate, PurchaseOrder.Descr, PurchaseOrder.Purchord, Hours.TicketNo
    FROM Hours As Hours INNER JOIN PurchaseOrder As PurchaseOrder ON Hours.Purchord = PurchaseOrder.Purchord INNER JOIN Employee As Employee ON Hours.EmployNo = Employee.EmployNo
    WHERE Hours.Datewrk is not null and Hours.Datewrk > '" & txtDate1.Text & "' And PurchaseOrder.JobNo = '" & cboJobNo1.Value & "'
    ORDER BY Employee.Lastname, Employee.Firstname

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