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    Unanswered: ASE 7.0 Questions

    I am new to sybase world and am primarily a n SQL Server DBA.

    My question is , does 7.0 have a support from sybase

    Second Is it too hard to upgrade from this version to the latest version ?


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    All versions of ASA 7 have tech support from Sybase, though only 7.0.4 has engineering support (bug fixes, etc). The upgrade from 7.0.4 to 9.0.x can range from trivially simple (unload/reload and go), to rather a pain, depending on how complex your views and procedures are, and whether or not you use java in the database.

    9.0 has tightened up the SQL syntax checking, so some stuff you could get away with in 7.0 is no longer allowed, though my own conversion didn't run into any of those isssues. All of my views worked with no modifications, as did my stored procedures, with the exception of those which used java in the database (calling java stored procedures); those had to be completely rewritten. Luckily there were are only a few of them.


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