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    Unanswered: Windows 2K Vs XP Windows Authentication

    We have an installation of MS SQL Server (MSDE actually) runnning on a group of Windows 2k machines. Due to IT constraints at the customer site, we are using Windows authentication, but it is all done with local user accounts, not domain accounts.

    We have the same user account witht he same password locally created on each machine. This works fine with all the Win2K machines (not the best solution, but under the client's insane IT department, it's all we were allowed to do).

    The problem is that we tried to add an XP machine. While we can connect to a DB running on a 2K machine from the XP workstation, the XP system will not accept connections from the 2K systems. We have done a little research and think we have found out why- the 2K systems are sending usernames for authentication, but the XP is looking for the UID- which is different on every system.

    We cannot go to SQL authentication, and we cannot use Domain authentication. Is there a way to change XP to authenticate from username instead of UID?



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    Assuming that all of the users are presently members of a domain, why can't you use that domain to authenticate access to the SQL database? I don't see the problem, it will require no administrative access to the domain, all you'll need is to know which domain members need to be granted access to the SQL instance.


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