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    Unanswered: Bring up one form from another with only data with matching ID fields

    The simple thing I am looking to do is the following: (simple for you, NOT for me - not yet anyway)

    1. I want to open a form with a list of customers from the customers table (customers form)

    2. From there I want to have a button at the end of each row of customer data that I can click and bring up data from the projects form for THAT customer only - both tables have a field called CustomerID that I want to use to bring up data in the Projects Form for ONLY that customer

    3. From there I want to do a similar thing - I have 3 buttons on the projects form that bring up 3 other forms with Project details (stored in 3 diff tables) - all of those tables have ProjectID, as does the Projects table that the Projects form is based on....

    I hope this helps to explain in more detail what I want to do - if it is easier to throw together a simple project that does something like this, by all means, go ahead.... it may be easier than trying to explain every last detail to me and then I could look at the properties in the forms/macro/buttons etc to see what I am missing

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    This may get you going, I don't know you setup re customers and project. I have just set it up as mainform and subform. To see how your part works open the customer list form and click the cusname.

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