Im supporting a client that has an AS400 (DB2 database) accounting system and has recently upgraded from SQL Server 7 to 2000. He runs all his queries through SQL Server to DB2 becuase the interface and reporting is much easier.

He has found that some of the same queries run through SQl Server 7 then through SQL Server 2000 yield different row counts. A query run directly on AS400 or through SQL Server 7 returns the correct number of rows, while the same query run through SQL Server 2000 will return a count considerably less...

1,475,234 though SQL Server 7 and 2,045 through SQL Server 2000!

Does anyone one know of any changes in the openquery structure between SQL 7 & 2000 or any changes in AS400 interaction that may account for this dataloss in SQL Server 2000?