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    Unanswered: Write Report 3 data lines down then 3 corresponding pictures across

    I need to design a microsoft access report to print 3 data lines down (in 3 rows) then print 3 corresponding pictures across one row, then continue in same pattern.

    like this..



    If you can please help me -- keep in mind that I'm a total newbie at this. please use gradeschool terminology

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    i myself don`t use much of reports, but if you are a bit familiar with VBA try this activeX "PrintPreview" which can be downloaded at

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    Are the pictures stored in a field (in a table) that you can bind to the report? And do the pictures relate to the 3 lines of text that you are printing? Are the pictures going to be different everytime?

    One possible way, without having to write code, might be to relate the pictures to each group of 3 lines. Store the lines of text in one table with an extra ID field, same ID for each line in the group of 3, then store the pictures (or the path to the picture) in another table, each picture to a field, and assign that line the ID for the 3 lines. Like this (where 1 is the ID):

    Table 1:
    1 line of text 1
    1 line of text 2
    1 line of text 3

    Table 2:
    1 pic1 pic2 pic3

    Then create a query linking the two, ordered by the lines of text (you can add an "Order" column and sort it ascending if you want them in a specific order):

    Query 1:
    1 line of text 1 pic1 pic2 pic3
    1 line of text 2 pic1 pic2 pic3
    1 line of text 3 pic1 pic2 pic3

    Bind the report to this query. In the Grouping and Sorting section, select the ID field as the Field/Expression (detail section) and add a Group Footer for it. In the report, put the "line of text" field in the Detail section. Put the 3 pics in the Footer section. If you relate the lines of text to the appropriate line of pics, it should come out the way you want it to, because it will group on the ID that you added and show the pics only once in the Footer section. You can use the Page and/or Report Header to head the whole page.

    Does that help?

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