I have a table that I would like to update with information from a spreadsheet. The table are all of the property records for the county I live in. The table has a unique data field for every record called a "PIN" (Property Indentifier Number). It is in this format: 12-3456-78-90. Because the PIN's were hand entered, sometimes there is a space between the dashes and the numbers, but each PIN is different for every record.

The data from the spreadsheet I want to import has updated sale information for the property records in my table. I want to associate the PIN's in the spreadsheet to the PIN's in my table and only import the new owners name, sale date, and sale price from the spreadsheet to the table.

How would I do this import? It is probably straight forward, but I am a newbie with Access.

I am concerned that because the PIN from the Speadsheet was typed differently from the one table, the import won't work. The numbers are the same, there are just spaces between some of the numbers and dashes.