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    Unanswered: Master Child Link Problem


    I have a form (1) that is just a list so it does not need to be updateable so I set recorset type to snapshot. On another tab I have another form (2) and a subform (2a) that shows more details about the record shown on form 1.
    The master child relationship between Form 1 and 2 is as follows (on form 2)
    Link Child Fields drawingid
    Link Master Fields [fsubdraw1].form![drawingid]
    The relationship between Form 2 and Form 2a is
    Link Child Fields drawingid
    Link Master Fields drawingid

    When I hit add I get the error 'You entered an expression that has an invalid reference to the property form/report' on this line
    Forms!frmdrawings.Form!fsubDrawRev.Form!fsubDrawRe vsubform.Form.AllowAdditions = True
    If I change the recporset type to updateable snapshot this error is gone and it steps thru the code, opens the new record and then as soon as I try to enter the first piece of data I get the 'You can't assign a value to this object' error. I presume it is trying to update the record on Form 1.
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