Hi all.. I'm stuck! I'm doing a search and I can't seem to get all the fields in my form to populate.. I have a combo box where an individual can select who they want to search on. Right now it's only pulling data from one table and I need to structure the query but since I am stealing code from random places I'm not sure how to do this..

If Len(Me!cboSelect & "") > 0 Then
' Construct SQL
Select Case optChoose
Case 1
' contact
mstrSQL = "SELECT * FROM tblCorrespondence WHERE " _
& "ClientID FROM tblClient WHERE ClientName Like '*" _
& DoubleQuote(Me![cboSelect]) & "*')"

So as it is right now.. only one tab in the form has data.. the tblClient page doens't have anything populated as I am only asking to select from tblCorrespondence

This is my query that actually fills out all the fields in both tabs of the form...
How do I incorporate this into the above query??

SELECT tblCorrespondence.ContactID, tblCorrespondence.ClientID, tblCorrespondence.CorrespondenceType, tblCorrespondence.CorrespondenceDate, tblCorrespondence.CorrespondenceTime, tblCorrespondence.CorrespondenceNotes, tblCorrespondence.DueDate, tblCorrespondence.GISContact, tblCorrespondence.DiscoveryName, tblClient.ClientName, tblClient.ClientTitle, tblClient.CompanyName, tblClient.CompanyAddress, tblClient.City, tblClient.State, tblClient.Zipcode, tblClient.CompanyPhone, tblClient.Extension, tblClient.CellPhone, tblClient.CompanyFax, tblClient.Email, tblCorrespondence.LJAPM
FROM tblClient RIGHT JOIN tblCorrespondence ON tblClient.ClientID = tblCorrespondence.ClientID;