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    Unanswered: silent error with email

    my page uses code identical to the following example but no e-mail is sent and there is no error message of any kind

    Dim objMail
    Set objMail = Server.CreateObject("CDONTS.NewMail")

    objMail.From = ""
    objMail.Subject = "How TO send email with CDONTS"
    objMail.To = ""
    objMail.Body = "This is an email message" & vbcrlf&_
    "with CDONTS." & vbcrlf&_
    "It is really easy. "

    'You must always do this with CDONTS.
    set objMail = nothing

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    well it's highly possible that as far as cdnots is concerned the mail has been sent, but the server it set it to con not relay the message on to other servers (so effectively your local server is collecting a pile of mail for sending that it just can't send).

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