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    Unanswered: Delphi newbie question.

    Hi there,

    I am a Delphi newbie and I am finding this language extremely amusing. I am currently studying dynamic popupmenu for TreeView objects. However, I am having problem in replicating MenuItems (same MenuItems and features for different popupmenus) as they all appear to be enabled for all TreeView objects.

    I have looked at other program source codes and the MenuItems are dynamically disabled and enabled for specific folders and file extensions, however, despite of using the same program structure I have missed information somewhere. The complete program codes do not define such information anywhere I have searched it all over again and again.

    Is it possible to obtain MenuItems status (either enabled/disabled) from resource files or how can I replicate them if using third party popmenu controls?

    Thank you,

    - MK

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    If you have IRC I would suggest you connect to the efnet community.
    Enter the channel #Delphi and ask your questions there.

    There are several forums dedicated to Delphi related questions: are one.

    You also have the newsgroups


    Sinc your question is not DB related I will not support you here.

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