Hi fellows,

(1) Would someone help me with a Module code where I can import an Excel worksheet from "G:\Planning\Plant8800\TSL ChangeRecord.xls" to "G:\Planning\IPP\TSL ChangeRecord.xls" ?

(2) After the file "TSL ChangeRecord.xls" is copied to G:\Planning\IPP\
, how can I automatically the Workbook_Open() routine to ThisWorkbook ?

The reason for doing this is that the file in "G:\Planning\IPP\TSL ChangeRecord.xls" would only be my personal access where I can put in the following workbook_open procedure, but the same file in "G:\Planning\Plant8800\TSL ChangeRecord.xls" is a shared public access to many users who update this file everyday.
Thanks in advance.

Private Sub Workbook_Open()

If ActiveWorkbook.Name = "TSL ChangeRecord.xls" Then
Call MacroUmciCriticalListStockingUpdate
Cancel = True
End If

End Sub