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    Question Unanswered: foxpro 2.0 for DOS - sharing on windowsxp

    Dear All,

    I have a program made in foxpro 2.0 for DOS and its data base files on one PC running on windows XP. I need to constantly update the data on this PC which is on my desk. I desire that the database (through the program) is available to other PC's in my department through Local Area Network. Some PC's run on windows 98 , but maximum run on windows XP.

    How i can get this done so that the data files remain on my pc but are editable by me and viewable by others AT THE SAME TIME.

    Your valuable suggestions and guidance is solicited. If a sample program code could be given by some one, would be really appreciated.

    thank you all


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    First you need to SHARE your harddrive where the DBF files are located (Basically you need to give the others rights to your harddrive). Then you need to make sure that the FoxPro Program USEs the tables SHARED.

    That is pretty much all you have to do !

    Microsoft Visual FoxPro MCP

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