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    Unanswered: Renaming database

    Hi all,

    I have ASE 12 running on AIX servers. The data and backup
    servers are named as the following:
    dataserver = rsprodb
    backupserver = rsprodb_back
    I would like to rename them to the following:
    dataserver = rsprodb_syb12
    backupserver = rsprodb_syb12_back

    Please can anyone let me know what steps are required to
    rename these databases.

    Many thanks


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    Rename the interface file entry to reflect the new name for both ASE and backupserver.

    login to the server and do a sp_dropserver of the old name and then do a sp_addserver to add the new server name as your 'local' server. Do the same for backupserver also. In the backserver, the sysservers.srvnetname should match the interface entry name for the backupserver

    Reboot ASE and this should take care of it..

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