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    Fair grounds on outsourcing

    Kerry was clear in his debate that oursourcing cannot be stopped. Although he said he will make sure that the playing grounds are fair by reducing taxes of companies that do not oursource. But reducing taxes is absolutely not going to have any impact on outsourcing as companies are getting far more profits right now. So I don't think the fair ground debate works.

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    As long as stock holders demand more profits from companies and as long as labor unions demand more from companies the outsourcing will continue.

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    If the outsourcing is going to third world countries were the workers are underpaid and working in poor conditions the companies that outsource should be boycotted. The labor unions should start organising that!

    I am constantly surprised that the same people who demanded sanctions, boycotts etc against South Africa refuse absolutely to boycott goods from countries where the average worker is treated like dirt.

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