Hi there,

I am trying to set tariff data for accounts and transaction types in an application without having to set a tariff for every combination of accounts (and their groups) and transaction types (and their groups) Basically very rough example layout is as follows:

Account: ID, AccountGroup, AccountName, AccountAddress
Account Group: ID, AccountGroupName

TType: ID, TTypeGroup, TTypeName, TTypeDescription
TType Group: ID, TTypeGroupName

An account can only be member of one account group and likewise with Transaction Type. Therefore to avoid having to assign the tariff for every permutation of the above, I opted to be able to set (based on priority rules and exceptions) the tariff directly to the group for the majority, with exceptions being set directly to the underlying detail table.

In otherwords the assignment of tariffs always take the lowest priority of the following:

Priority 1: Account / Transaction Type
Priority 2: Account Group / Transaction Type
Priority 3: Account / Transaction Group
Priority 4: Account Group / Transaction Group

It's the setup of the tariff table I am having trouble with; should I have (in addition to the actual tariff price etc) a field for the priority and then two further fields corresponding to the left and right combination (which then gives me trouble with the GUI in terms of having dynamic rowsources bound comboboxes for each record in a continuous form) or simply have a field for the priority, and then one field each for account, account group, transaction type and transaction type group and then simply update the respective field (blanking out the ones no longer needed) as and when the priority level combobox is changed (which then gives me trouble as an unbound combobox in a continuous form always adopts the same rowsource across all records... I think!!!) or anyone have any better ideas please?