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    Lightbulb Unanswered: Hard Disk Space Vs DB2

    Windows = NT
    DB2 = UDB 6.1

    I'm running out of space, and I don't have any other alternate to increase the space on existing hard drive.

    There is C: & D: in the system.

    Db2 software and database - everything is on D:

    Now, I'm planning to add E: drive which will come from SAN.

    Once I get E: drive, planning to copy everything from D: to E: and then drop the D: drive and rename E: drive to D:

    What are the risks involved in this process ?

    Do you think after this process, DB2 will not work ?

    Because I don't have DB2 6.1 software handy, have only 7.1.

    Please advice.

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    Hi ,

    This is the best thing to do .

    1. Take the offline backups of all your databases with the logs.
    2. Drop the databases.
    3. Restore the databases on E: with the same names. Use redirected restore.

    This will allow for using D: and E: as well and does not hamper your setup.

    The other alternative is risky.

    1.Take a full backup of all your databaes offline + logs.
    2. Take a print of all the db2 registry settings using db2set.
    3. Take a fullbackup image of D:
    4. Drop D:
    5. Rename E: to D:
    6. Restore image back.

    This should work. but needs a lot of caution and effort.


    Ask the experienced rather than the learned

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    Thumbs up Thanks a bunch Nitin...

    ....i guess your second idea will work out for me as i need to remove D: drive as its dying.

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