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    Unanswered: Connecting to SQLServer 2000 (sqlsrv32.dll)


    I am having problem with our network. We run a clinic database system that uses SQLServer 2000 Enterprise as the backend, and Microsoft Access on the front end.

    I have had a running problem with all our newer machines (which run Windows 2000 or XP) in that while it connects to the server and retrieves some of the info properly, on some of the pages it doesnt. It will take 2 or 3 minutes for a page of the database to load, and even then not all the information will be retrieved properly.

    I was able to fix the problem on the Windows 2000 machines by replacing the Sqlsrv32.dll file with an older version (usually with And then the W2000 machines would work. But for some reason, the XP machines wont accept the older sqlsrv32.dll gives me this error:
    SQLState: 'HY000'
    SQL Server Error: 126 Unable to load communication module driver correctly.

    ....and i cant seem to downgrade the MDAC....

    any ideas on what I can do?

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    You didnt test it properly before it was rolled out for XP, did you?

    Tut tut.....

    Best check technet & see if there is a work around. Failing that, best roll XP boxes back to W2000. Quick, easy & saves face.....then I'd spend a LOT of time ironing out the XP issue BEFORE it goes near the client again.



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    no they are the new computers we got in...they come with XP loaded on them already....

    i'll check technet....and then possibly put W2K on them....


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