Peer 1 Network is North America’s pre-eminent supplier of high performance Internet Bandwidth and Server Collocation facilities. Catering to web centric business in need of the very best bandwidth, Peer 1 Network collocation facilities offer businesses form around the world a safe and secure server environment with a 100% uptime guarantee on uninterrupted Power and Internet Connectivity.

Peer 1’s network and collocation facilities server customers in 11 major cities in USA, Canada and the UK, connected by way of a dedicated clear channel network. The company utilizes multiple quality tier 1 upstream providers with our over 500+ private and public peering arrangements. Peer 1 has standardized our network on blending the best routes from MCI, Savvis and AT&T. This blend of carriers with our over 500+ private and public peering arrangements allow Peer 1 to offer the highest quality, lowest latency bandwidth to our customers for a reasonable price.

We are currently running a promotion to everyone on the dBforums. If you mention that you heard about Peer 1 Network through this forum we will provide you with one free month of collocation services. We have multiple size cabinets available starting with an Octal (4U), Quarter (10U), Half (22U) and Full (44U) Locked Cabinet options as well as custom cages. Each cabinet comes provisioned with 1Mbps of bandwidth over a burstable FastE connection, full ups and backed up diesel generator power, Free IP’s, 24 x 7 Unescorted Access as well as our 100% uptime Guarantee on uninterrupted power and internet connectivity.

If you are interested in hearing more regarding our special offerings feel free to contact me at 212-742-1245 or via my email jcooper @