I have a multiuser database where a form was designed to be a specific size (so all the controls are visible). Center is set to 'Yes', Resize set to 'No', Borderstyle set to 'Dialog'.

When run from some workstations on the network, the form is displayed 'clipped' as if had been resized a bit too small to show all the controls. At first I thought it was a screen resolution problem, but it happens even on machines where the original sized form would fit easily and have room to spare. If I copy the database from the network back to my local design machine, it displays clipped there as well.

Sometimes (usually) the clipping is on the right hand side, making one of the combo boxes on a subform inaccessable. Ocassionally it happen on the left hand side, making the recordselector buttons inaccessable. Closing the form and reopening it will sometimes change the clipping from one side to the other, but either way part is nt usable. With borderstyle set to dialog (to keep users from messing with the form) the form is not resizable, so the users can't get to those controls.

Any ideas what might cause this? Is there a way to set the specific size of a form when it opens (other than docmd.maximize) ?

Any help would be appreciated...

Anthony J. Kroes