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    Is there any way I can make a program shut down after being used for 3 days

    Thanx in advance

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    One very simple way would be to use the vb registry commands GETSETTING and SAVESETTING.

    In the form load event (or the main module code), add the following (untested, though it should work) code.

    Dim dtStart as Date
    Dim strStart as String
    strStart = Getsetting (App.ExeName, "SETTINGS", "START", "")
    If strStart = "" then 
      ' First Time the App has been Run, so save the time in the registry & continue
      SaveSetting App.ExeName, "SETTINGS", "START", cStr(Now()
      If DateDiff ("d",dtStart,Now()) > 3 then
        MsgBox "This app has been installed for more than 3 days, you BAD Boy!"
        Dim f as frm
        for each f in Forms
          unload me
        next f
        ' The app has been installed for less than three days, so it's OK to run
        ' so, do nothing & continue on
        MsgBox "This app is running on it's three day trial period, which began" & strStart & "."
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