I'm getting "SQL0501N", while exporting data from certain DB2 tables from a database at z/OS. Irrespective of schema, Only few records (not all) are exported each & every time.

I'm accessing 'DB2 V7.1 on z/OS' using 'DB2 ESE V8.1 FP3 on Win2K'.

************************************************** ***************************************

Database Connection Information

Database server = DB2 OS/390 7.1.1
SQL authorization ID = TEST_USR
Local database alias = TEST_DB

set current sqlid = 'TEST_DB'
DB20000I The SQL command completed successfully.

export to "exp_ixfdata\CO_ADDR_TBL.ixf" of ixf select * from CO_ADDR_TBL

SQL3104N The Export utility is beginning to export data to file "exp_ixfdata\CO_ADDR_TBL.ixf".

SQL3015N An SQL error "-501" occurred during processing.

SQL0501N The cursor specified in a FETCH or CLOSE statement is not open. SQLSTATE=24501

SQL3105N The Export utility has finished exporting "43" rows.
************************************************** ***************************************