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    Unanswered: Notifications - not working (help!)

    I have set up notifications to be sent if a job fails. however, nothing is sent
    If I go to Job History, I can see the yellow envelope under "notification" but I receive no email I have set up an Operator and can send email using "Send Email" but it doesn't work!

    1. SQL Server - Management
    2. SQL Server AGent
    3. Go to Operators
    4. I can set up a new operator by right-clicking "New Operator"
    5. In Name, I have "John"
    6. After "E-mail Name", i click in the 3 elipses, which brings up my address book in Outlook. I will select, let's say "John Smith"
    7. When I click Test, it says "message was sent successfully" but I get no email
    8. However, if I go to Outlook and send to "John SMith", it will send

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    The MAPI Client needs to be configured by the account that is used by SQLAgent service.
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