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    Smile Unanswered: Can Microsoft Access run in Palm?

    Hi all, would like to know whether microsoft access can run in palm or pocket pc ? i need to develop a system which can run in mobile pc (palm) , is it possible for Ms.access ?

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    In Pocket PC you can copy an .mdb file through ActiveSync from your desktop to your Pocket PC and it will convert it to a .cdb file which can run on the PDA. Only the tables appear to get copied though, not forms, queries, etc. You will have to build a front end for the PDA using a third party program.

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    Palm - Access

    I looked into this about 8 months ago. I would honestly suggest you do a search using Google (or similar) for database software for Palm. There is stuff out there that is quite reasonably priced and is designed for hand helds.

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