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    Unanswered: Migration(Urgent)

    hi all,

    I'm looking for the document or procedures for the process of migrating Oralce database from HP Unix to Suse Linux box.It'll be helpful if i get any document regarding this which details the manual process other than using any tool like Outerbay.Kindly mail me in

    Thanks & Regards,
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    If you migrating large database

    You may want divide migration process into two steps: creating schema and data extract - load. If there is no much data in your origin database then process hould be smooth.
    If You are migrating from large production database you may want extract data from tables into text ascii files and then use sqlldr to load into new database. I know tool, like WisdomForce FastReader can do it pretty efficiently. You can download trial for HPUX from and try.
    Hope it helps

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