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    Unhappy Unanswered: Please help, otherwise I'll got fired !!

    All the database and tables in my MySql server is innoDB, but those link files ibd1*.... has been deleted from the mysql data directory. Now I cannot open any table to get the records. I have previously safed all the *.frm files, but still no luck. Everytime I tried to access the take, it will just said:

    Error 1016: Cannot open file "mytablename.innodb" (Errorno: 1)

    Please help me, I really need you all experts to help me, all I need is just to get all the data from the tables, I don't mind to recreate all the tables again. All I need is just the data. I've been reading the

    articles, but I have no clue on what it is talking about. Please try your best to help a poor man. Thanks a lot !!

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    Have you tried creating a new database/table structure and bringing the files into the database that way?

    Can you open the files in Word or some other such program and see if you can strip everything out except the data and re-import them as a .CSV file would be brought in?

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