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    Unanswered: silent deinstall


    I'm trying to make an unattended upgrade of 8.1.5 clients to 9.2
    I want to first deinstall old client and then install the new one (I don't want to homes to exist on one machine) I have succeeded in making the unattended installation of the 9.2 client, but no matter how I try I cannot make it DEINSTALL the old client.
    I have tried specifying the
    DEINSTALL_LIST={"oracle.client",""} in the response file - doesn't work.

    I do see it being read in the installation log file like this:

    Setting value of DEINSTALL_LIST to oracle.client,,

    but futher in the log I don't see any notices about this, no error, nothing.. And it doesn't appear on the Deinstallation list in the Summary page.

    I also tried using installer with the -deinstall option, like the oracle manual shows:

    setup.exe -deinstall DEINSTALL_LIST={"oracle.client",""}

    I'm using the OUI 2.2

    I have tried specifying different components, but no matter what I do I only get is the install products list, from which i can choose products to deinstall. And I don't want ANY windows to show up during the install/deinstall
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